Ski Patrol Relief Fund

Over the years, we have encountered situations in which our patrollers or their families have been put at risk financially by circumstances beyond their control (e.g. Injury, illness, loss of spouse). When these situations arise, we band together and lend our support to this individual in any way possible. Our support in the past was in the form of a card signed by the ski patrol.

Over the last several years, we have lost two patrollers to illness and several patrollers have been injured or incurred expenses to circumstances beyond they’re control(e.g. natural disasters etc.) In lieu of these events the Sugarbush Patrol decided to create the Sugarbush Ski Patrol Relief fund. The Ski patrol Relief Fund is a registered non profit organization – 501 (C)(3) 57-1166012.

The fund is administered by a board of directors and funds are distributed by the board upon approval of an application submitted by the patroller requesting the funds. Distributions are limited to Sugarbush Patrollers or family members only. Capitol for the Relief Fund is generated through the Ski Patrol Raffle and Random monetary donations.

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