Lost Out-of-Bounds

  1. Avoid skiing out of bounds alone. Carry extra food, water, clothing, maps, compass and a headlamp etc. when skiing in the backcountry and make sure your cell phone battery is fully charged. Know where your going and how to get out.
  2. If you are lost out of bound attempt to use your cell phone to contact out emergency dispatch 802-583-6567 or call 911
  3. If you are able and have daylight move downhill or follow streams most streams lead to roads in Vermont. Avoid deep stream gullies if possible stay on the top edges of the deep gullies and travel downhill.
  4. Keep you skis or snowboard on and use them to move on top of the snow. Moving without skis in boots or ”post holing” uses valuable energy. Avoid post holing if possible.
  5. Conserve food and water. Stay hydrated.
  6. Know when to stop moving and wait for help. Examples: One of your party members is injured, exhausted or has a medical condition.
  7. If you have 3 members in your party and you have no cell service send someone for help.