Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I find someone injured on the mountain or one of my friends is injured while I’m skiing/riding with them?

  1. Place your skis in an “x” above the injured skier if you don’t have skis have someone stand above the injured skier and wave they’re arms when the ski patrol is in site
  2. Ask the patient what is bothering them the most and then send someone to the bottom of the nearest chairlift get help.
  3. If you have a cell phone call the emergency dispatch 802-583-6567(this number is for emergencies only!) and give your location and the nature of the injury.
  4. Be sure you know which trail you are on when reporting your accident.  If you are unsure attempt to give as accurate a description of your location as possible to the emergency dispatcher.
  5. If you can stay with the patient do so until the arrival of the ski patrol.