Volunteer Patrol


  • The volunteer work commitment consists of 22 pre-scheduled days, not including the refresher.
  • Volunteers must sign up for workdays in advance in order to receive credit. If you have not signed up you must call the bootroom of the mountain you intend to volley at three days prior to your workday. At the end of each day volunteers must initial the sign in register at the respective mountain in order to receive credit for that day.
  • Volunteers must be in the boot room by 6:55 am on weekends and 7:55am on weekdays to receive credit.
  • Volunteers must attend one of two on-hill training weekends.


  • Volunteers will receive one complimentary pass for each day that they have worked. Comp. passes will be posted in the clinics. In order to receive a comp. you must call the Patrol Director for Lincoln Peak comps(6569) or the Mt Ellen Bootroom(6875). Leave the name of the guest and the days that they will be skiing. Please try to give 24 hours notice when requesting comp passes. Do not sell your extra comp passes.
  • Volunteers will receive a season pass for themselves and one dependent* for the first year of service. A volunteer will receive an extra season pass(only for a dependent*) for each year of service.
  • Volunteers exceeding the 22 required days will be eligible for complimentary passes to the Sugarbush Health and Racquet Club or the Golf course. One pass will be issued for each day over the required amount. The passes must be requested 24 hours in advance and will not be distrusted in bulk quantities. The Patrol Director will distribute SHARC and Golf Course passes and can be reached at 583-6569.

* A dependent is defined as a spouse or a child who is still in school and is 21 years old or younger.